To eliminate barriers and financial stressors associated with securing local accommodation for patients in need of a heart transplant in BC.



Many of us, including our active Board of Directors, are heart transplant recipients. We know what patients are going through and we understand their challenges.


We create a support network before, during and after treatment, bringing together patients, families, communities and healthcare providers.



We support heart transplant recipients by promoting greater understanding of their needs throughout the community.



When Ron Bayne and Peter Quinn met during their transplant journeys in 2001, they saw that, for many recipients, finding an affordable place to stay during the few months of post-surgical recovery and medical follow-up was a significant challenge—and a source of financial stress. The Heart Transplant Home Society (HTHS) was born out of their commitment to address that challenge, so other heart transplant recipients can focus on what matters most: their health.

At HTHS, we offer affordable accommodation to heart transplant patients and their loved one(s) in two homes near St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. We have housed over 185 recipients to date and plan to open a third home to accommodate more families.

HTHS is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. We rely on the financial generosity of members and donors, and 97% of every dollar raised goes towards operating our existing homes, directly supporting heart patients and their caregivers.



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President / Amanda Lapierre

Amanda, a liver transplant recipient, brings her Executive Assistant background in legal and business operations to her role on the Board. She has also been working and volunteering with various organ donation, transplantation and research non-profits for over 10 years.


Treasurer / Brett Third

Brett joined the HTHS Board after his heart transplant in September 2013. Brett’s 30 years of project management experience through the family steel business, George Third & Son, as well as his commitment to the care of fellow heart transplant patients, are great assets to the HTHS.

Home Manager / Kim Walker

Originally from Penticton, BC, Kim needed to relocate to Vancouver to receive a heart transplant. After her procedure in September 2010, she decided to stay and now contributes her experience in human resources and office management, as well as boundless dedication, to the HTHS Board. 

Secretary / Wade Bayne

The son of HTHS founder Ron Bayne, Wade perpetuates his father’s vision by contributing his business management expertise to support the heart transplant community and the very process that saved his father’s life. Wade provides his expertise and support to continue this worthy cause.

Board Member / Lesley Finlayson

Lesley, a recent heart transplant recipient, joined the Board in 2015. A professional painter, she was formerly the Department Chair of, and an instructor in, Fine Arts at Langara College. Lesley’s administrative and creative abilities are invaluable when helping the HTHS find suitable accommodation for patients and their families.

Board Member / Elizabeth Edward

Elizabeth received her heart transplant in September 2011 and joined the HTHS Board in 2016. She has over 20 years of experience in post-secondary education, including student advisement, admissions, program planning and marketing. Since receiving her transplant, Elizabeth has been volunteering with various organizations to raise awareness for organ donation and transplant.

St. Paul’s Hospital Heart Transplant Social Worker / Shelley Prytula

Shelley brings a wealth of experience in non-profit program coordination and healthcare social work. At St. Paul’s Hospital, she works closely with patients and their families and refers recipients who need support to the HTHS. Shelley’s involvement on the Board strengthens our partnership with St. Paul’s Hospital and helps identify changing priorities for patients and families so we are able to continuously improve the resources and support we provide. 

The HTHS Board welcomes new members. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at hths@hearttransplanthomes.com.