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  1. Register now for Give It Up.
  2. Click to join as an individual button. You will be prompted to sign up to start fundraising. To do this you will create a Canada Helps login. You need to do this to be able to both donate and have others sponsor you and donate.
  3. Enter your email address and click on the "continue" button.
  4. You will be prompted to confirm your email address and create a password. Click on the "Sign Up" button.
  5. Complete your personal information, including your address. There are a few questions at the bottom we would like you to answer. Click the "Continue" button.
  6. You are now on the "Create Your Fundraiser" page. Use GIU 2017 Firstname Lastname for the Page Title Field.
  7. Use Firstname Lastname for the Page Owner field.
  8. Set your fundraising goal, and give a bit of information on why you want to help the Heart Transplant Home Society with this fundraiser. Click on the "Create Your Fundraiser" button.
  9. Add a photo for your profile. You can also add other photos or video to your page.
  10. Once you have create your page, share it on social media. You can invite people to donate to your page, or to create their own Give It Up fundraising page - every dollar helps offset the cost of the rentals the Heart Transplant Home Society provides for transplant recipients.
  11. You can edit your page at any time by logging in and clicking on the "pencil" beside "Give It Up" at the top of the page.
  12. Decide what you are going to give up. It can be wine, chocolate, eating out, that daily coffee, driving to work, using social media. The choices are endless and you get to choose. You can even take your loose change at the end of each day and put it in a jar to donate.
  13. Donate the money you would normally spend on that item or task to the Heart Transplant Home Society (HTHS). You can donate daily, weekly, or give it all at once.
  14. Can't actually give it up? Just donate the same amount of money you spend on that item or task over four weeks and donate it to HTHS.
  15. Questions? Ask via email at or call 604 987 6848.

Sign up now, and start planning your strategy to Give It Up November 1-28, 2017.